Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Words from BJ

It was dinner time. We were all sitting around the table. I mentioned an blogger aquaintance had her baby. We cited the statistics - weight, length etc. and commented on big baby etc. BJ asked about a family "story" about daddy being a tiny baby. The phrase repeated is "the size of a five lb bag of sugar". BJ asked how big that was and I reached into the fridge for the sugar to show her. I then told her her weight at birth and my weight at birth. My mother was at the table and corrected me - I wasn't 7lbs like BJ -I was small - I was 5 lbs like dh. Really I said - I always thought I was 7lbs - not small, not large.

BJ said -

"I was born a normal baby" (positive, happy at being normal). And then I had a change in my life. (reflective)

In context and with the tone of voice I took it as a positive statement, recognizing there was nothing wrong with her, she has details of her birth, a healthy weight - and also reflecting on something happening to her that isn't typical, but was significant.

It wasn't until I typed it out that I see the possible "I was normal until that change" - but with the contextual and verbal inflection I don't think that was it.

It was a new way of hearing her talk about it, as something that happened to her, something that affects her - but not something she percieves as making her not normal.