Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mansion full of big kids

Driving in the car (of course):

BJ: I wish we had a big house like that one.
Me: We need to be thankful for what we have. We have a nice house - its nicer than what we had in San Diego.
BJ: yeah, but (friend's) house is like out of a magazine.
Me: there will always be people who have more than us and people who have less than us. The point is to be glad for what you have.
BJ: When I grow up I want a Mansion
Me: Ok - study hard in school, work hard - save your money - you can have whatever kind of house you want.
BJ: I want a house like THAT (there are a lot of new "McMansions" popping up in our area)
Me: are you going to get married AFTER COLLEGE and have a lot of kids to fill up a big house like that?
BJ: I might not have kids.
Me: That is a lot of house for one person.
BJ: I might adopt... first four big kids and then two little kids.


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